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Clay Shooting-Newport St Brides
April 2021- NEW DTL and "Sim Game"

  • A fantastic way to discover and improve clay pigeon shooting with our range of events.
Intro 25:
  • Bench mark for all groups

  • Great introduction to clay shooting with correct gun and calibre fitting

  • Clay pigeon shooting based at Newport St Brides:

Developer 50:
  • Sporter 100:

    All courses include tea break. If you have your own gun, you may use our site to develop further skills. Shot gun certificates MUST be produced in advance of your arrival.

    • further progression into shooting skills using 50 shots and different target presentations

    • time taken to develop skills

    • snacks provided

      • Skill and strategy session of 100 shots

      • New DTL and "Sim" Game!

      • In-depth discussions into guns and cartidges

Shooting Newport St Brides £40.pp (25 shot)

Clay pigeon shooting Newport St Brides-New traps and upgraded site:

A great activity for all to try-With great venues and a range of guns we ensure all involved get a great experience of clay pigeon shooting

Here is your opportunity to experience clay shooting in Newport St Brides

During a perfect half day event, normally 25 shots are adequate for the first time although you may want to do an extended teaching session to 50 shots which will give more time for in-depth coaching, lunch and different targets; this will take up the majority of your day so give yourself ample time for this 50 bird event.

We have experienced and qualified staff to ensure you get the most out of each pull of the trigger. Most participants have never used a gun before. Our site is set up to allow beginners to learn safe gun handling, shooting techniques, and in time break some clays to add to your score card.

Instructors are qualified and experienced in all types of clay pigeon shooting disciplines and will provide one-to-one tuition on the day so you get the maximum out of your time with us. If you are experienced at clay shooting, there are options of faster and smaller targets with the specific coaching that you need.

We have numerous shotguns available to give you the correct calibre and gun-fit that ensures we can set you up to shoot effectively.

Suitable hearing and eye protection are also provided by us, there is no set clothing for this but dress according to weather conditions and suitable foot wear is essential

Special Occasion vouchers

A great experience for all Please use the enquiry form for further details-We have many options for your booking as a group or individual