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Courses for 2014/15 - CHAIN SAW USER

CHAIN SAW USER COURSE [No 362/chainsaw user prt 1] - cardiff & cardigan.

More and more people are turning to burning wood as a source of heating the home. Over the years we have had numerous requests to organise and deliver a course to aid people who have gone to the local DIY store or internet and bought their complete chainsaw kit, and now find there are many things to learn from safe use to keeping the chain saw working at its best. Using all your own equipment we will have some theory but a mainly practical session.


-Chain saw operation and maintenance.
-Safe use and storage of fuel and oils.
-Safety clothing and foot wear.
-Cross cutting timber.
-Splitting and seasoning timber techniques.
-Course joining information.
-Courses are led by experienced and qualified tutors who have many years of working in the forestry industry.

All your equipment must be of the correct safety specification before you attend please contact us with any questions about this please.

You will be expected to bring your saw in a fully working condition, we have little time to focus on your non working saw and will lose you valuable learning and practice time.

CHAIN SAW USER COURSE [Chainsaw user prt 2]

A second part to chainsaw user. Having completed the part 1 we continue to look at felling of small trees up to 300m diameter. A practical course based in our wood lands.


-Theory and safety of felling.
-Timber in compression and tension and how to approach each one.
-Use of tree bars and wedges.
-Removal of branches



Sausages are one of the most popular foods in the UK.

You will learn about the ingredients that go into making a perfect sausage. Learn how to make your own sausage meat, create tasty combinations, season to your taste, and get a hands on experience to further your sausage making expertise.


Food smoking is an ancient method of preserving food using wood smoke.

When prehistoric people hung meat or fish to protect it from contamination, they noticed that the meat exposed to the smoke of the fire stayed edible for longer. If washed with sea water it would have lasted even longer because of the preserving properties of the salt.

Practical course for people who wish to learn how to add the flavouring and preserving of seasonal meats and fish. Salting, brine cold and hot smoke processes are looked at in detail, with practical hands on learning through-out. Using simple DIY units to produce the smoking so you can create your own unit.